The Unexpected Visitor (II)

In the first part (here)¬† we discussed some basic mental first aid applied when the injury that is an unexpected visitor occurs. In this part, we'd be looking more closely at how to entertain your unexpected visitor with particular attention to refreshments. We are well aware that the refreshments we serve guests and visitors form … Continue reading The Unexpected Visitor (II)


The Unexpected Visitor (I)

Picture this: You're home on a Sunday evening, mourning the soon to be deceased weekend while sipping on a glass of something cold to calm ya naavzz, and in the middle of wondering whether or not it'd be worth it to chop off your arm so you don't have to be at work the next … Continue reading The Unexpected Visitor (I)

Dear Woman

The world has always had you on it's lips. It is¬†either oppressing you, empowering you, criticizing you, uplifting you, discriminating against you, giving you benefits, loving you or hating you. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: You're pretty darn special. Some of us do not know or do not fully understand what it means … Continue reading Dear Woman